Learn How Your Blood Sugars Respond

by diabetes care guide

Learning how your blood sugars respond is important when you exercise. By taking your blood glucose reading immediately before and after exercising, you will know whether it is safe to begin exercise for that day, and how many points your reading drops due to exercise.

Before exercise, use your blood glucose meter to check that your blood glucose reading is at 5.5 mmols or higher, as it is most likely that you will get a lower number after you exercise. If it’s lower, take 15 grams of a fast-acting sugar, such as a dextrose tablet or a hard candy (not sugar free), and re-check your blood sugar reading in 15 minutes.

After exercise it is recommended that you eat a light snack if your reading is less than 5 mmols, especially if you must drive. Remember “5 to Drive”.

Another reading to be aware of is 14 mmols or greater before breakfast as this is too high to begin exercise.

While a slow walk may help burn extra sugars, moderate to vigorous exercise may cause problems, so postpone exercise until your sugars are back under control.

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